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///  Aroma Therapy Massage

This massage treatment is based on aromatherapy, whereby selections of various natural herbs, flowers, grasses and  wood extracts known as essential oils are used to heal our body’s and mind´s needs. In consideration of individual complaints, a variety of manual massage techniques, with knowledge of Chinese meridian, qi-flow, and acupressure,… may be applied to encourage reduced muscle tension and stiffness, increase of joint and limb flexibility, promotion of faster healing of soft tissue injuries, relaxation of body and mind. This experience offers the mind-body connection not simply relaxation of the gross body but also works its healing energies into the subtle body. Chang Chia Lin´s expertise in aroma therapy massage will nurture and aid recovery towards physical and mental equilibrium.


Chang Chia-Lin (Raphaëla) was born and grew up in Taiwan, where she was trained in the theory and practice of aroma therapy, in combination with essential insights in Chinese medicine. Before moving to Belgium with her husband, she ran her own massage studio and worked in the elderly health-care sector for many years.  

Contact  number: 0496 307 986    (!! text message only )

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